Teenage Stereotype of Today’s Society

Whether it be in the newspaper, on television, or on the radio, you’ve probably experienced some sort of expression of a negative teenage stereotype in modern media. These negative teenage personas aren’t however a new, emerging outlook but have been a burden on teenagers for a vast majority of the noughties through to the present day. The idea of a modern teenager is generally seen as a lazy, unenthusiastic, promiscuous and aggressive being, with not much in their locker regarding a contribution to society; a positive one at that. What have teenagers done to be lumbered with this bad light? There have however been numerous past events such as the London riots in 2011 enforcing this outlook on the youth, with reason. The media however can often chew up this sort of event and cough up an over-emphasised, truth-bent story for the masses to absorb (but isn’t that their job?). I admit, there are a minority living by this ‘modern teenager’ persona, some who even thrive upon it. But, should age be a factor as to whether we are violent, use illegal substances or are regular offenders of shop lifting? Many seem to think so.


(Photo taken in Stables Market, Camden)

Just as it took many years for teens to forge this stereotype, it will take many years for teens to shift it. Teenagers are now growing up in a recession and may find it hard to find work or get as many opportunities as they see fit, but as long as the majority continue to contribute to society in the way they always have, they should eventually, in time, shift the modern teenage stereotype set by the minority, fuelled by the media.

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